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James Norris 2B Featured on #PaulPonders Podcast

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Listen to Author James interview through Here is a little something about the truly inspirational James:

James Norris is the Founder and President of Handi Capable Fitness, Inc. (hereinafter called HCF). HCF is a 501c (3) Organization (EIN 85-1652591) headquartered in Malden, Massachusetts. Its Website Address is

Mr. Norris is a nationally-known Handi Capable Athlete and Motivational Speaker who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy just before his second birthday. James has a very strong Social Media presence across many Platforms and is a popular sought-after National Speaker. Mr. Norris is currently in his later thirties.

HCF supports the health and wellness of all adaptive athletes nationwide, encouraging them to step out of their box, and face adversity with strength, courage, and resilience. Through scholarship funding, HCF is able to provide much needed funding for fitness memberships, athletic equipment, and travel for its adaptive athletic community.

Mr. Norris recently completed the Boston Bruins Foundation BFit Challenge for Level 1 in his capacity as a member of the Malden Rotary Team that collaborated with Cataldo Ambulance to raise money for the Massachusetts Ambulance Association.

#AuthorJamesNorris recently published his first of four (4) Children's Books. The Book's Title is "Feeling Left Out"! It is already a very popular Children's Book that is based upon James' life while growing up in Massachusetts.

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